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PCB dimensions (mm) : L 50 x W 50 to L 510 x W 460

Cycle time : 6.8 s + printing time ( Board size : 510 × 460 mm)

5.2 s + printing time ( Board size : 330 × 250 mm)

Repeatability : ±5.0 µm

Printing accuracy : ±20 µm

Screen frame dimensions (mm) : L 736 x W 736, L 650 x W 550, L 600 x W 550*2

Higher quality & higher productivity . . Further pursuing of high quality printing with “the cornerstone of quality is printing”
• Excellent filling capability and high productivity
In addition to constant printing, motor control of vertical squeegee motions enables digital control at the time of the squeegee’s uprising and realizes higher productivity.This head prevents solder overflow to outside the squeegee and solder hanging causes air mixing.
• PC board edge support
Stable solder shapes can be printed on the entire board surfaces owing to supporting that far reaches board edges.

Easy operation . . Further pursuit for changeovers with higer speed
• Changeover navigation
Display setup procedure can reduce preparation time for production
• Easy operation
Printing conditions can be set up automatically by specifying production types
• One-touch operation for squeegee replacement
Squeegees can be replaced by one-touch operation

A wide range of applications
• Automatic solder supply (option)
Continuous printing for long periods of time is possible with automatic solder supply on stencils
• Solder inspection function (option)
Misalignment, bridging, blur and oozing are inspected with the PCB recognition camera.
• Inspection result feedback support (option)*
According to the correction data of shifted printing analyzed by solder paste inspection (APC correction data), it corrects printing positions (X,Y,θ)
• Mask vacuum support mask-release (option)
Printing mask can be vacuumed during printing and support-table release.
It can enable more stable printing by eliminating shift and stick of a mask.
• Stencil height detection (option)
Laser processes can optimize a contact of PC boards with stencils so that stable printings can be provided

*3D inspection equipment of another company can be also connected. Please inquire with your sales representative for more details.