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Solder Bar-Sn100c

ECORELTM FREE 0307-16 is a no clean lead-free solder paste combining the metallurgical properties and cost benefits of a low silver alloy with high performance chemistry of the ECORELTM range.

Very good wetting on any surface finish including OSP and strong anti-graping properties Robust assembly process for high volume electronics and complex boards

Outstanding first pass yield testability in ICT

Transparent and colorless residue even after multiple reflow cycles

Alloy : Sn99,Ag0.3,Cu0,7

Powder size distribution (microns) : 20-38

Melting point : 217-227

Metal content (%) : 88  0.5

Residue after reflow soldering (%) : 47 – 54

Halogen content : no halogen

Viscosity* (Pa.s at 20°C) : 800 – 1100