Rehm VisionXC 3500

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Rehm VisionXC 3500

Features of the ViCON Edition

Single track transport with automatic width

adjustment and central support

› Residue management with cooler/filter units

and additional condensate separation in the

preheating area

› Transmission zone

› Internal temperature monitoring

› Automatic chain oiler

› Integrated cooling water circuit with plate

heat exchanger

› ViCON – new system software with

touch control

› ViCON App – keep an overview using the

web (30-day test version)

› ViCON remote support (TeamViewer)

› Software control of fans


Length : 3500mm

Quantity of preheating zones : 7

Length of preheating zones : 2450mm

Quantity of peak zones : 3

Length of peak zones : 1050mm


Length : 1400mm

Quantity of cooling zones : 4

Warm up time : ca. 30 min / approx 30 min

Standby-mode : 9,4KW

Connected load : 65KW

Length : 5690 mm


› Mobile request of the system condition

› Alarm messages

› Notification to Rehm service personnel directly via the terminal

› Plant-specific information, e.g. machine type, serial number etc.

› Connects to a mobile superordinate line monitoring system

ViCON VisionX system software

1.User-friendly machine overview

  1. System information is always mobile thanks to ViCON App
  2. User administration
  3. Alarm message with action buttons display